Proud of compliments from a satisfied customer, RI Research Instruments / F4E Fusion for Energy (ITER)


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has delivered the first 4 Torus & Cryostat Cold Valve Boxes (T&C CVBs) for the ITER Organization vacuum system to her client RI Research Instruments GmbH. The first two batches out of 8 valve boxes that will be manufactured within this contract. RI Research Instruments (RI) will finalize the manufacturing with installing the electrical system and pneumatic piping before final shipment to ITER site.

The T&C CVBs are part of a much larger system and distribute hot and cold helium towards the cryo-pumps of the ITER vacuum system. This shipment follows the successful delivery of the Warm Regeneration Box last year. The valve boxes contain 26 cryogenic valves, a thermal shield, various instrumentation and safety devices and piping that needs to be able to operate between -269 ˚C and +230 ˚C! All need to be able to withstand high ionizing radiation levels. A real challenge.

Cryoworld would like to thank the project teams of RI Research Instruments and Fusion for Energy for the fruitful collaboration. The shipment of the other 4 boxes are also expected to take place this year.