Project: LN2 distribution boxes

For various projects we developed LN2 distribution systems that can accurately distribute LN2 flows to various users. Cryoworld ...
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Project: Accurate cooling application

We develop special systems that do exactly the cooling that you want. Very narrow pressure and temperature stability, ...
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Project: Helium distribution box

Valvebox for distributing flows of liquid helium
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Project: STF Magnet testing facility

We received the assignment from our customer Linde Kryotechnik AG to design and produce a testing facility for ...
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Project: 60m Super conductive link flexible cryostats

For the Hilumi upgrade for Cern, new superconductive links are needed from the LHC tunnel to the higher ...
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Project: Universal testing cryostat

For testing of all kinds of novel superconductive magnets GSI was requesting an universal testing cryostat. Basic specification ...
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