Project: STF Magnet testing facility


Liquid and gaseous Helium
Various temperatures down to 4.4K


The testing facility is specially designed to have warm and cold stations simultaniously.
Many ergonomical considerations.


Linde Kryotechnik-AG


GSI Gmbh Darmstadt
Fair Project

We received the assignment from our customer Linde Kryotechnik AG to design and produce a testing facility for superconductive magnets.

For the FAIR project at GSI a large number of dipole and quadrupole magnets are to be tested.

Each test consists of a integration/connection phase, a cooldown phase, testing phase and a warm up phase. Each phase takes about a week leading to a total time of for weeks per magnet. The system was designed into 4 test benches which could work independently from each other. This is good for continuity and it speeds up the throughput with a factor of 4. But it complicates the design because a warm station may not interfere with a station being in cold condition.

By working closely with our customer Linde Kryotechnik and the end user GSI we developed a system which not only meets the specification. It is also a pleasure to work with!