Project: Universal testing cryostat


4K liquid Helium cooling of the cold table
70K Helium gas cooling of the thermal shield
reachable vacuum level 1×10-7mbar


Multifunctional vacuum chamber with multi direction large service doors


GSI Gmbh Darmstadt


GSI Gmbh Darmstadt

For testing of all kinds of novel superconductive magnets GSI was requesting an universal testing cryostat.

Basic specification called for “service openings to be as big as possible” We designed the system by making use of special designed high strength aluminium doors on a welded cryostat construction. The cryostat was then produced by making use of high tech welding techniques.

The cryostat contains a 4K base plate to be cooled with Helium and a 70K shield that can be cooled by either helium gas or liquid nitrogen.

The cryostat reaches an end vacuum of 10-7mbar range.

Overall Dimensions:

Overall length: 5200mm

Cryostat shell internal diameter: 1500mm

Shield internal diameter: 1208mm

4K table length: 4000mm

4K table width: 600mm

Loading capacity: approximately 500kg

Overall weight: 6000kgs

Unique design feature: The doors can be opened and closed by hand in a matter of seconds

(with no vacuum present)