Phase separator


Liquid nitrogen
Inlet 2…12 barg
outlet 0…6 barg
Accuracy +/-0.2bar for standard applications, fine tuning will improve the standard


Reducing Liquid pressure and removing gas

Capacity / Size

15L DN15 inlet, 500kg/h
25L DN25 inlet, 1000kg/h
50L DN32 inlet, 2000kg/h
Capacities are given for normal pressure drops over the phase separator (~3bar)

Phase separators are needed to reduce pressure in your cryogenic liquid line.

Most cryogenic applications will only work properly at a low pressure. Bulk storage tanks unfortunataly are set at a relatively high pressure, too high for the application. When pressure is reduced in a pressurised cryogenic line the boiling temperature of the liquid will drop to a lower value, resulting in so called flashing. This flashing can cause lines to get blocked with gas, causing the process to halt.

A phase separator, placed in proximity of the application, reduces the pressure and removes all gas present after the expansion. Thus delivering 100% liquid at boiling temperature, perfect for most applications.

Cryoworld phase separators are developed through years of experience and serving many very critical applications. Our standard design is the most versatile in the market. It is fully electronically controlled with control valves for inlet and pressure, which is an unique feature.

Furthermore the digital controller is highly advanced and offers many possibilities for expansion of the process control and interfacing.

Although it might look over designed for many applications a higher accuracy will help stabilize all applications. Because when you start a new application you never know what accuracy in control you need, so why not go for the most accurate in the market!

Our phase separators have proven to be very cost efficient.